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Do I need a home charger?

  • Home charging is the cheapest method of charging currently

  • Commericial charging points are looking to make money out of customers, prices are quite often double that of home charging.

  • Council installed chargers will be under tremendous strain of use for the foreseeable future, meaning the ability to charge isn’t guaranteed.
Can I install an ev charger at home?

You can get a charger installed in your home in the UK if you:

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Safe & Secure

All of our electricians are certified by UK trade associations and have 10+ years experience in the field.

24x7 Support

We appreciate these new technologies can be confusing. We are here for you every step of the way.

Low Cost

We recognise these technologies represent a significant investment for our customers. We use remote surveys, economies of scale materials pricing, and highly trained team members to deliver your product as efficiently and expertly as possible.

Our Vision

Terra’s vision is to power human progress with clean, affordable energy for everyone.

We are at a pivotal moment in history, where our response to the climate crisis will define the future. We all have a shared responsibility to take action. It is time for us to do even more for our members and for the planet.  

That is why Terra will mobilise its operations, employees, and members to play their part in reducing carbon emissions.  

Are there any government grants for EV home chargers?

Yes! The government has an Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS), which exists to help out EV drivers with 75% (up to £350) of the costs of installing a home charger. Please hurry though as the OZEV grant ends March 2022